SET, LINEN, SURGICAL, single use, for 50 wounded inpatients

last updated : 2019/03/20
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
SET, LINEN, SURGICAL, single use,for 50 wounded hospitalised CH 2 084,50 166kg 1,272m³ Add


General information

Sufficient number of surgical linens and gowns for the Operating Theatre, covering operations for 50 war-wounded. To be used as a start-up set, when laundry and sterilization services are not fully functional, or where laundry and sterilization services do not have the capacity to provide the additional materials to respond to an influx of war wounded.

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MODULE, SINGLE USE, SURG. + MED., 100w.wound/50 beds hosp.


KMEDSLINSR50S Content list - Export content list (excel file)
Code Description Qty
MMREAPSUD15 APRON, plastic, min. 130cm long, s.u.200
MMRECAPSDS CAP, SURGICAL, non-woven, standard size, disposable200
MMREDSURD0709 DRAPE, SURGICAL, 75 x 90cm, disposable, sterile300
MMREDSURD0915 DRAPE, SURGICAL, +/- 90 x 150cm, disposable, sterile150
MMREDSURD1524 DRAPE, SURGICAL, 150 x 240 cm, disposable, sterile30
MMREDSURDCM DRAPE, SURGICAL, cover, Mayo, disposable, sterile75
MMREGOWNSDL GOWN, SURGICAL, size L, disposable, sterile50
MMREGOWNSDXL GOWN, SURGICAL, size XL, disposable, sterile100
MMREGOWNSDXX GOWN, SURGICAL, size XXL, disposable, sterile50
MMREMASKSD1 MASK, SURGICAL, standard size, type II, tie-on, single use200