Sanitary pad, reusable

last updated : 2020/03/07
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CARRYING BAG, for hygienic pad, soft plastic, waterproof on request 0kg 0 Add
HYGIENIC PADS, sanitary towel,reusable/washable, maxi on request 0kg 0 Add
HYGIENIC PADS, sanitary towel,reusable/washable, super maxi on request 0kg 0 Add


General information


  • Washable sanitary pad for women menstrual hygiene, usually distributed in a hygiene set with underwear and other essential items.  See Menstrual hygiene management kit, reusable pads: MHM kit, reusable pads


  • Consultations with women and girls of the target group should always guide the selection of any hygiene, dignity, or menstrual hygiene-related items.


  • Define with the target group already at the program design stage on how the distributions (in-kind or through vouchers) should best be organized, to allow unrestricted access, safety, and an appropriate level of information.


  • In water-scarce regions, washing clothes or reusable pads may be challenging due to the lack of water, whereas in transit situations, where women and girls are frequently on the move, reusable pads may not be practical.


  • The quantity of reusable/washable pads to be distributed will depend on the quality of the materials used (absorption capacity, drying rate, etc)





General quality

Soft fabric, no bad smell, no skin irritation

Appropriate for use with underwear (fold under the crotch of the underwear and closure with plastic button)



  • Absorbent layer of Micro fleece 100% Polyester or 100% cotton (towel type)

Inside absorbent part:

  • At least 2 absorbent layers of Micro fleece of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, or at least 2 additional layers of 100% cotton (towel type)


  • Waterproof layer of Polyurethane Laminate (PUL)

Certificate of material conformity to be provided by supplier for each Purchase order




Washable sanitary pad

Quality sufficient to withstand a minimum of 10 washes at washing temperatures of 40 degrees minimum


Firmly stitched with overlock, using soft non-irritating thread

Absorbent part centered on the pad to be firmly stitched using soft non-irritating thread (refer to “Specifications.pdf” below)


Plain homogeneous fabric colour: dark blue, black, purple or brown

Colour to be well fixed: the pad being immersed in clear water, the water should not become coloured in the colour of the pad


The pad must have an absorption capacity of at least 40ml (absorbent pad - maxi) OR 60ml (super absorbent pad – super maxi)

To test the absorption capacity immerse the pad in water for 5 minutes. Remove the pad. When the trickle of water that flows from the pad becomes drops, measure the amount of water absorbed by weight difference


Absorbent pad: 28 cm

Super absorbent pad: 35 cm

Tolerance: +/- 5%

Refer to the pictures and table in file “Specifications.pdf” below


Absorbent pad: 20 cm including wings, 9 cm wings excluded

Super absorbent pad: 21 cm including wings, 10 cm wings excluded

Tolerance: +/- 5%

Refer to the pictures and table in file “Specifications.pdf” below


Minimum 4.5 mm at the middle of the pad

Tolerance: +/- 5%


Plastic snap button

Diameter 12 mm minimun

Metal snap buttons not accepted





BAG for sanitary pad


General quality

Soft plastic, waterpoof

No holes, no tears


Envelope-style storage bag

Refer to the pictures attached in file “Specifications.pdf” below


Minimum 150 mm, maximum 170 mm


Minimum 120 mm, maximum 140 mm


Latest update : 12/03/2020


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