Jerrycan, plastic, foldable

last updated : 2022/02/28
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
JERRYCAN, collapsible, 10L, food grade LDPE, screw cap CH 1.00 0.14kg 0,42L Add
JERRYCAN, collapsible, 20L, food grade LDPE, screw cap CH 1.50 0.317kg 3,6L Add
(foldable jerrycan 20L) TAP, screw type 50mm on request 0kg 0 Add


General information

Square or rectangular shape collapsible jerrycan for household water collection and storage.

For emergency situations only.

To be stored in a dry area and shielded from sun.

Shelf life: 10 years when kept in original packaging between –10°C and 50°C.


Capacity: 10L or 20L according to contract specification

Minimum weight: 180gfor the 10L type, 270g for the 20L type

Material: Manufactured of food grade LDPE should not contain toxic elements according to EN 1186 & EN 13130 and shall comply with Regulation (EU) 10/2011 and its amendments.

Must stand by itself, even when filled to 1/4 of its maximum volume.

Fitted with:

- One built-in carrying handle for the 10L type, and one or two built-in carrying handles for the 20L type, with minimum internal handle dimensions of 9 cm long and 3 cm high, with no sharp edges.

The handles must resist the traction test when filled up to the top with water for 10min. Handles should not break or crack.

- A screwable cap with integrated tap for filling and discharge that is linked to the container by a 1mmx120mm polyamide string. String tensile strength of 20N minimum.

Strictly no leakage should be found when filled up to the top with water and after being for 10 minutes in upside down position.

- Jerrycan inlet interior diameter: Minimum 30mm for both 10L and 20L types.

Impact Resistance / Drop Test: The collapsible jerrycan must be impact resistant on a smooth concrete surface when filled up to the top with water. The complete drop test consists of 10 consecutive drops from 2m high. The jerrycan must be elevated so that the lowest point is at 2m from the ground. Test result is expressed as a product ranking according to the number of drops passed without leakage. To be accepted, the jerrycan must resist to minimum 3 drops.

No individual package.