last updated : 2019/02/23
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
YEAST, dried, package 11 gr on request 0,013kg 0,027L Add
YEAST, dried, package 100 gr CH 0,08 0,105kg 0,233L Add

General information

Baking yeast, to prepare bread dough.  From dried micro-organism culture.

There is no international standard for yeast.  The specifications given here are indicative and may vary from one manufacturer to another.  Check offered specifications with a food specialist if they are very different from those below.


For all aspects of the product, unless described otherwise here below, the standard of Codex Alimentarius last edition applies, including the packaging.

-                       Product must be fit for human consumption and be of sound, fair and marketable quality.

Dried instant YEAST

Dry matter

95% (moisture 5% max.).

Crude protein

51% on dry matter.

Total carbohydrate

38% calculated as % dextrose on dry matter.


8.2% on dry matter.

Crude fat




Rehydrated agent


Chlorides as NaCl

0.5% maximum.


Shelf live minimum 2 years from date of delivery.

Production in the last 3 months prior to delivery.

Analysis of contaminants must state that the yeast is "fit for human consumption".


  • Packing

Sachets of 100g or sachets of 11g.

The yeast shall be packed in sealed, clean and dry containers, made of material which does not affect the yeast, and which preserves all qualities of the yeast.


-                     Labelling

As per Codex STAN 1: Name of the food, the list of ingredients unless for single ingredients food, net content weight or drain content weight, name and address, country of origin, lot identification, dates marking, storage instructions, instructions for use, quantitative labelling of emphasised ingredients, irradiated food, culturally restricted components.