Lamps, rechargeable

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
LAMP, portable, rechargeable batteries, winding handle/230V CH 57.30 0.65kg 4,275L Add

General information

This lamp contains a battery and a charger. It charges on the mains, and automatically switches on in case of power cut. For that purpose, the lamp must remain connected to the mains at all the time.

Different types are available, portable or fixed, fluorescent, torch, combined.

It’s recommended to have such lamp available and ready to work (always charged) in all public buildings and houses under our responsibility.

For the optimum lighting, the lamp must be placed as high as possible, close to the ceiling.

This lamp is not comparable with the automatic EXIT sign, and cannot replace it for insurance or security inspection purpose.


Lamp with at least 2 fluorescent tubes of 6W each minimum. Flash light function is a plus.

Rechargeable on the mains 220V (or 110V)

The lamp should work minimum 4 hours with the 2 tubes ‘ON’, and 6 hours with 1 tube, on its own battery power.

Switch positions: OFF, ON, STANDBY, 1 tube, 2 tubes.

Strong casing, shockproof from 2m high, made of plastic.