RULER, 20 cm, double graduation, transparent plastic

last updated : 2019/07/26
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General information

20 cm transparent ruler, made of high-impact polystyrene, shatterproof.

On one length, centimetres are annotated (0 to 20 cm), with sub-markings of millimetres.

On the opposite length, inches are annotated (0 to 8 inch), with sub-markings of 1/16 inch.

The edges of the ruler shall be bevelled.

The ruler should be comfortable to hold and use by children and be suitable for their safe and extended use.





High-impact, transparent polystyrene


Total length: 210 mm (+/-5%)

Calibrated length: 200 mm

Width: 30 mm (+/-5%)

Thickness: 3 mm minimum


Bevelled, no sharp edges


Graduations and numbers to be accurately, clearly, cleanly and securely printed in black.

  • 0 to 20 cm on one length, with sub-markings of millimetres,
  • 0 to 8 inch on the opposite length, with 1/16th inch sub-markings

The length annotated in centimetres must be clearly marked as “cm” and the length annotated in inches must be clearly marked as “inches”


The ruler must carry no reference to the manufacturer’s company name, brand, symbol, website or contact details


Latest update : 13/06/2019