PENCIL, HB grade, black lead

last updated : 2019/11/26
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General information

Pencil, HB grade, 3 mm black lead core, good quality wood casing, hexagonal shape, painted red or yellow, suitable to use on all paper and plastic slate surfaces.

The pencil should be comfortable to hold and use by children and be suitable for their safe and extended use.





Black, made of non-toxic clay/graphite.

3 mm diameter core (+/-5%)

The composition of the lead should ensure fine, smooth and consistent writing. The markings should be easy to read on a white paper surface and be substantially removable with a standard eraser

Writing should cause no damage (scratches) to the writing surface

The lead should be glued onto the pencil shaft to avoid movement and be centered along the length of the pencil, it should not break off during sharpening

Does not contain lead (Pb) and the content of any other heavy metals in the lead core must be lower than relevant standards (ASTM D4236 standards or EN71, part 3)


Good quality wood, hexagonal shape, painted red or yellow on the exterior

7 mm diameter (+/-5%)

The pencil should be easy to sharpen with a standard plastic or metal sharpener and pare smoothly and consistently, ensuring the minimum amount of shavings

The paint used on the exterior of the pencil must be well applied and not chip easily

The content of heavy metals in the paint must be lower than relevant standards (ASTM D4236 standards or EN71, part 3)

Lead (Pb) content in the paint will be not more than 90 ppm


175 mm (+/-5%)


To be delivered pre-sharpened and not fitted with an eraser

The letters "HB" shall be printed on the pencil

No commercial branding allowed on the pencil


Latest update : 13/06/2019