PENCIL CASE, soft polyester

last updated : 2019/11/26
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General information

The pencil case must have a simple but strong construction and be fitted with a quality zipper running along the top 240 mm edge. Made of 100% polyester, with double stitching of a thread quality that is suitable for the material and use specified.

The pencil case must carry no reference to the manufacturer’s company name, brand, symbol, website or contact details.

The pencil case must be suitable for the safe and extended use by children.





Made of a single shell, folded on the bottom along the 240 mm edge and sewn along both 140 mm sides

Shell fabrics: 100% polyester, 600 x 300 denier, tightly woven and spun to resist puncturing, triple PVC/rubber blend coating material. Must measure 320GSM as a minimum when coated


Length : 240 mm (+/-5%)

Width: 140 mm (+/-5%)

Depth: 20 mm minimum


Running along the top 240 mcm edge

YKK brand aluminum/nickel bag zipper closure


Double stitching required and thread quality to be suitable for the material and use specified.

Stitching at the ends of the zippers to be well reinforced.

All material edges to be tucked and stitched to prevent fraying


The pencil case should not be permeated by water in case of prolonged water exposure or submersion


4 different colours matching the school bags: Pink, Pantone Burnt Russet, Red and Neon Green


No commercial branding allowed


Latest update : 13/06/2019