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Volume 1
 Warehouse and Administration
 Relief and Logistics Kits, ERU, RDU
 Personnel security equipment
 Radio and Telecommunication
 Power supply and electrical equipment
 Tools and Hardware
 Shelter and construction materials
 Vehicles and consumables
 Water and Sanitation

Volume 2
 Drug products
 Medical disposable supplies
 Medical equipment
 Cold chain
 Physical Rehabilitation

Volume 3
 Basic health care ERU
 Emergency care and triage
 Rapid Deployment Emergency Hospital
 Referral hospital ERU
 Surgical hospital, weapon wounded
 Medical kits
 Feeding and nutrition Kits
 Medical sets
 Surgical instruments and sets

 Item database, codes and description
 Units conversion
 Medical weight and volume
   Medical equipment > Introduction

This chapter includes :


Anaesthetic apparatus, Dameca MPII, with OMV vaporisator

Bandage, Esmach

Paediatric breathing circuit: Jakson Rees, with modified T-Ayres piece


Mask, mouth-to-mouth, protection, for resuscitation, reusable

Mouth Gag

Oxygen concentrator

Oxymeter, pulse, included battery, sensors, cables (set)

Mask OA, ressuscitation, paediatrics

Resuscitator Ambu 'Mark III', complete

Resuscitator, baby + mask

Masks for resuscitation/anaesthesia

Tube, oropharyngeal airway, Guedel

Tourniquet, pneumatic, complete, with arm cuff, leg cuff and hand pump-manometer

Brush for cleaning tube, tracheotomy tube

Apron, surgical

Surgeon's cap

Draw sheet

Drape surgical, woven, with slit, multi uses

Drape surgical, woven, re-usable

Surgical gown, reusable

Surgeon's mask

Canvas for tunic/trousers

Surgical Material

Surgical trousers

Surgical tunic/shirt

Hand bag for medical equipment

Bedpan, with handle + cover

Mattress, hospital bed

Bed, hospital

Back pack, first aider

Brush, scrubbing, plastic autoclavable

Couch, examination, adjustable head rest


Protective glasses, surgical

Measuring mat, baby, horizontal

Measuring board, for infants and children, horizontal / vertical  

Measuring Board: Height meter 20-207cm

Calculator, body mass index

Compressor and nebuliser, Porta-neb, 230V-50Hz, w/ accessories

Otoscope-ophtalmoscope, standard light bulb and case


Peak flow meter, universal range

Scale, baby, with tray, 0-16 kg x 10 g

Scale, baby, Salter, 0kg to 25kg

Scale, 0 to 150kg (bathroom type)

Scale, nutritional , 5kg, grad. 2/5g, electronic

Shoe, clog, surgical, antistatic

Sphygmomanometer, aneroid, adult

Spygmomanometer, BABY, hand manometer, velcro

Stethoscope, foetal, Pinard

Stethoscope, one cup, nurse

Stethoscope, double cup

Table, delivery, dismantable

Tape measure, MUAC (middle upper arm circumferance)

Tape, measuring Quack Stick

Thermometer, medical

Tourniquet cotton

Tourniquet latex

Cuff, pressure for 500 ml blood trans./infusion + manometer

Ultra sound basic unit, Aloka 500

Doppler, foetal heart detector

Urinal, male, 1 liter, plastic

Vacuum extractor, obstetrical, manual

Kidney dish

Hook infusion

Stand infusion

Stand infusion, foldable

Tray, dressing

Trolley, dressing, 60 x 43cm 2 shelves

Bowl-stand, 2 bowls 5l, H 86 cm, 5 castors

Stool, for O.T., with castors, stainless steel

Lamp, halogen, examination/operation, Echo, 1 spot, mobile, 220V/12V, new model

Lamp, operating, 3 spots, mobile, 220V, + accessories

Collar extrication

Splint, metallic, semi rigid, for arm and leg, Kramer

Splint, malleable, 11x91cm, arm/leg, roll

Splint, Behler-Braun, 70cm, size 2, 3 pulley, foldable

Stretcher, foldable in width

Stretcher, foldable in width and lenght

Stretcher, carrier, with movable side rail on wheels

Stretcher, stand, foldable

Pump, suction, foot operated

Suction machine, electrical, with 1 bottle, autoclavable

Suction, surgical, electrical, with 2 bottles 5L, complete

Table, instruments, 100 x 60 cm, 2 shelves

Table, instruments, 4 wheels, Mayo type

Table, operating, surgical, mechanical, SSM80

Autoclave 39L, with basket, Unicef

Autoclave, combined, 90L, electrical and kerosene

Burner, pressure, 2.4l, kerosene for  autoclave, 21 and 39 liters

Box, instruments, stainless steel, perforated

Drum, sterilisation, lateral eclipses

Apron, lead, for X-ray protection

Cassette, X-ray

Densitometer, sensitometer, X-RAY

Safelight, X-ray

Thermometer, digital for darkroom

Developer, X-ray films, automatic processor

Developper unit, manual, w/ 4 bassins, + accessories

Dosimeter, X-ray

Hanger and clip  for X-ray film

Gloves, lead, for X-ray protection

X-RAY Unit basic, mobile, 40 mA, 'Polymobil III', Siemens

X-ray Unit basic, fixed, 100 to 250 mA, WHIS-RAD compliant

Letters L and R, lead, X-RAY

Wall viewer, X-ray film


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