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Volume 1
 Warehouse and Administration
 Relief and Logistics Kits, ERU, RDU
 Personnel security equipment
 Radio and Telecommunication
 Power supply and electrical equipment
 Tools and Hardware
 Shelter and construction materials
 Vehicles and consumables
 Water and Sanitation

Volume 2
 Drug products
 Medical disposable supplies
 Medical equipment
 Cold chain
 Physical Rehabilitation

Volume 3
 Basic health care ERU
 Emergency care and triage
 Rapid Deployment Emergency Hospital
 Referral hospital ERU
 Surgical hospital, weapon wounded
 Medical kits
 Feeding and nutrition Kits
 Medical sets
 Surgical instruments and sets

 Item database, codes and description
 Units conversion
 Medical weight and volume
   Medical disposable supplies > Catheters, tubes, and drains
  Bag Colostomy
  Bag Colostomy emptyable
  Bag Urine
  Cannula, nasal, Oxygen
  Catheter, urinary
  Chest drain valve, Heimlich
  Chest Drainage Bottle (Underwater seal) and Tubing Sets
  Connector, tubes, multisize
  Drain, abdominal, CH27, 50cm, 5 eyes, silicone, ster., disp.
  Drain, corrugated
  Drain, Penrose
  Drain, Supra-Pubic
  Drain, thoracic
  Drain, thoracic, insertion set
  Filter, Heat Moister Exchanger(HME)+ anti-bacterial-viral
  FILTER, HME+ anti-bact.-vir, infa., con.15/15mm, disp.
  Guide, tube, endotracheal
  Lubricating jelly
  Mucus Extractor
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