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Volume 1
 Warehouse and Administration
 Relief and Logistics Kits, ERU, RDU
 Personnel security equipment
 Radio and Telecommunication
 Power supply and electrical equipment
 Tools and Hardware
 Shelter and construction materials
 Vehicles and consumables
 Water and Sanitation

Volume 2
 Drug products
 Medical disposable supplies
 Medical equipment
 Cold chain
 Physical Rehabilitation

Volume 3
 Basic health care ERU
 Emergency care and triage
 Rapid Deployment Emergency Hospital
 Referral hospital ERU
 Surgical hospital, weapon wounded
 Medical kits
 Feeding and nutrition Kits
 Medical sets
 Surgical instruments and sets

 Item database, codes and description
 Units conversion
 Medical weight and volume
   Information > Introduction


The need for improved standardization and harmonization of emergency relief and medical items  provided by donors and major operational players has been expressed over the years. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the International Committee of the Red Cross supported by National Societies have coordinated their joint efforts towards this objective.


The catalogue is intended to facilitate the selection and acquisition of the suitable items notably during emergency operations. Standardisation is intended to facilitate field operations and logistics support, improve quality insurance, communication and reporting, and also to avoid inappropriate donations. The catalogue provides generic technical specifications for essential items.


The catalogue provides guidance and assistance to:

  1. -      Operation requesters, operational users and decision makers and also donors and national authorities concerned with planning, budgeting and execution of assistance programmes in emergency situations.
  2. -      Purchasers and suppliers involved with the supply of emergency items.

This is the third edition of the catalogue. It includes 3 volumes. It replaces the 2004 edition.

  1. -      To order hard copies or CD of this catalogue, contact IFRC or ICRC Logistics
  2. -      The catalogue is on line at http://www.
  3. -      Send your comments and feedback to: see contact on the on line catalogue


Red Cross and Red Crescent Emergency Item Catalogue is the compilation of a large number of experiences, involving Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and many other organisations and individuals.


We are grateful to all Red Cross and Red Crescent staff members for their invaluable advice in preparing the specifications, and their diligent review of the drafts, often under time pressure.


We are especially grateful to PSO/UNDP, UNICEF, UNHCR, MSF, OXFAM, and WHO, for their invaluable contribution to the standardisation work and the authorisation to use their respective catalogues and brochures in the setting up of the present document.


We are also grateful to Butyl Ltd, PumpSets Ltd, Pumping Systems Ltd, Medicon eG.,

Stratec eG., SGS Laboratoire Crepin, Wolff Agrilab, IFTH, and many others, for their invaluable input to this catalogue.

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