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   Hepatitis C Test, HCV-SPOT
(Laboratory > Diagnostic tests)
last updated : 2011/01/01
Product page
CodeDescriptionInd. priceShip. weightShip. vol.
HEPATITIS C TEST, 'HCV SPOT', kit of 100 testsCHF 350,000,9975kg8,928L
HEPATITIS C TEST, 'HCV SPOT', kit of 20 testsCHF 69,000,1995kg1,7856L
Cold chain : Storage +2 to +30°C

General information

Qualitative rapid test for the detection of antibodies against hepatitis C (HCV).

The test is using recombinant antigens derivate from virus sequences. The presence of antibodies reveal by the adjunction on a conjugate, of which the linkage with the antibody on the antigen will create a red colouration on the membrane.

Used for screening of blood donors.

To avoid cross-contamination in between the three controls, mark the top of the stoppers of each control with:

"-" for non reactive control

"+" for weak reactive control

"++" for strong reactive control



HCV SPOT single devices: 100 or 20


Non-reactive control


Weak reactive control


Strong reactive control






ll Blocking buffer


Wash buffer 1


Wash buffer 2


Stop solution


Sample pipettes


Reagent pipettes


Six steps test


Internal controls included


Sensitivity: 100%


Specificity: 93.7%


No long exposure to heat


Unopened kit: store at the coolest and driest area


Open kit: store at +2 - +8C


The reconstituted controls remain stable for 6 months at +2 - +8C, and 1 month at room temperature (+15 - +30C)


The reconstituted conjugations remain stable for 1 month at +2 - +8C, and 5 days at room temperature (+15 -+30C)


Shelf life: 11 months


Kit of 100 tests or 20 tests available


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