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   Lamp, operating, 3 spots, mobile, 220V, + accessories
(Medical equipment > Surgical equipment)
last updated : 2011/01/01
Product page
Lamp, operating, 3 spots, mobile, 220V, + accessories
CodeDescriptionInd. priceShip. weightShip. vol.
LAMP, OPERATING, 3 spots, 100'000 Lux, mobile, 220V, + acc.CHF 2 900,0093kg0,888624m³
(ot lamp Trigenflex) BULB 22.8/24V, 50W, halogenCHF 16,000,0056kg0,468L
(ot lamp Trigenflex) FUSECHF 2,000,0009kg0,002L
(ot lamp Trigenflex) HANDLECHF 26,00

General information

Mobile OT lamp with 3 reflectors for surgery.



Lamp, 3 reflectors or spots with halogen bulbs: 22.8/24V 50W




Handle, for lamp, autoclavable.


Model Doc Mach: Trigenflex R96


Light intensity: 100,000 lux


Colour temperature: 4300K


Focusable light field, size: 15-26cm


Working distance: 70-140cm


Diameter of the lamp: 48cm


Total radiation at 100,000 lux: 389W/m²


Temperature increase around the head: 2°C


Power input: 150W


Main connection 230/240V and 50-60Hz


Minimum required ceiling height: 3.60m


Total weight: 32kg


Unit presentation:


Delivered dismantled: each component individually packaged and identified:

- 1 lamp


- 1 stand with 3 spare bulbs, 1 set of fuses and 2 lamp handles; with assembly instructions, user and maintenance manual, multilingual: English, French and Spanish, others when available.


The complete lamp is safely packaged in a wooden crate: 167x67x47cm


The following information must appear on the packaging:


- Designation of item, with serial numbers for lamp and stand.


- Name and address of supplier (manufacture).


Manufacturer reference for spare parts:      

XSEQLAOP3MB Bulb Halogen 22.8/24V 50W Ref; 67100201

XSEQLAOP3MF Fuse T2.OA: 1 set Ref 67370005

XSEQLAOP3MH Handle: Ref: 211500


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