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   Motor pump, 2, lightweight
(Water and Sanitation > Motor pumps)
last updated : 2011/01/01
Product page
Motor pump, 2, lightweight
CodeDescriptionInd. priceShip. weightShip. vol.
KIT, MOTOR PUMP, diesel, lightweight, + PIPESon request107kg0,8m³
Dangerous : DGR-UN3528

General information

The kit is included in the WatSan ERU.

Self-priming diesel pump 2" or 2 1/2"/3.5 to 5kW.

The kit includes all the necessary items to run the pump with one suction hose and one delivery hose, with 2" Storz connectors. The engine oil provided covers start-up plus one oil change. The spare parts set is designed to cover 2000 hours of operation (i.e., estimated life of the machine under hard-wearing condition).

This pump is suitable for raw water containing limited amounts of very small solids. It can be used for raw water, clear water or chlorinated water. Under exceptional circumstances, it can be used for drainage purposes. It cannot be used for sewage or sludge pumping.

Pumps driven by a petrol engine are possible; however, diesel is recommended.



seawater-resistant, aluminium-alloy pump; body in line with DIN EN 1706 standards

Application area:

raw water

Suction height:

up to 8.4m of self-priming

Grain passage:

Ø 20 mm

Connection size:

G 2 ½" (B-Storz)




L x B x H: 720 x 490 x 550 mm

Standard engine:

HATZ 1 B 30, output: 5.0 kW at 3600rpm

Alternative engine:

Lombardini 15LD

Engine specifications:

4-stroke diesel, single cylinder; direct injection; not turbo charged; air-cooled; variable speed control; recoil manual start; dry air filter; exhaust silencer; oil and fuel filters; low oil-level security cut-off; 4-litre fuel tank (5 hours running time)

Other features:

Self-priming Centrifugal pump in cast aluminium construction; integral non-return valve; replaceable rubber-coated wear plate; cast-aluminium, clog-resistant, high-efficiency impeller; 20mm-max solids handling capacity; carbon/ceramic mechanical seal face; detachable discharge bend; engine close-coupled with pump; mounted on prefabricated steel frame.


Content list - Export content list (excel file)
KWATPUMCSP10KIT, SPARE PART, pump with engine Hatz 1 B 30, 2000h1
WNEHPVSP305THOSE, PVC flexible spiralled, 2 con. thread. 3" mal/fem, 5m1
WNEHSBFL315THOSE, SBR, FLAT, delivery, 3", +2 threa. coup. male/fem, 15m1
WPUCESRW001PUMP, END-SUCTION, diesel,Self-Priming Lightweight,2"/3.3kW1
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