Kit, Solar panels

last updated : 2011/01/01
Code Description Ind. price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
KIT, SOLAR PANELS, with 4 solar panels, 12V, 200W CH 3 700,00 133kg 0,47m³ Add
KIT, SOLAR PANELS, with 6 solar panels, 12V, 300W CH 5 300,00 209kg 0,564m³ Add

General information

Solar kits to power radio equipment and other 12VDC appliances.

  1. -      6 panels kit provides 300W, daily production 1980Wh/day.
  2. -      4 panels kit provides 200W, daily production 1320Wh/day.

Battery Gel-type is approved for air transport, without special packing.


Type of panel : Monocristallin

Material for the frame: Aluminium angle shape bars.

Type of regulator: Upper and lower automatic switches on and off. Easy to fit connecting board with pre-determined position for wiring.

Type and size of cables: minimum 2.5mm² for the appliances, 10mm² from panel to regulator and to battery.

All 12VDC, Regulator charge/discharge rate 30A. The regulator should be rated according to the exact type of battery supplied in the kit.