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   Generators, diesel, 20 to 300 kVA
(Power supply and electrical equipment > Generators)
last updated : 2011/01/01
Product page
Generators, diesel, 20 to 300 kVA
CodeDescriptionInd. priceShip. weightShip. vol.
GENERATOR, 20kVA prime, 220/380V diesel, 50Hz, canopyCHF 8 100,00680kg2m³
GENERATOR, 30kVA prime, 220/380V diesel, 50Hz, canopyCHF 12 000,00960kg4m³
GENERATOR, 34kVA prime, 220/380V diesel, 50Hz, canopyCHF 4 000,001350kg4m³
GENERATOR, 60kVA prime, 220/380V diesel, 50Hz, canopyCHF 15 000,001350kg4,6m³
GENERATOR, 67kVA prime, 220/380V diesel, 50Hz, canopyCHF 14 000,001350kg4,6m³
GENERATOR, 100kVA prime, 220/380V diesel, 50Hz, canopyCHF 2 400,001600kg4,9m³
GENERATOR, 110kVA prime, 220/380V diesel, 50Hz, canopyCHF 18 000,001600kg4,9m³
GENERATOR, 150kVA prime, 220/380V diesel, 50Hz, canopyCHF 21 000,002300kg7m³
GENERATOR, 170kVA prime, 220/380V diesel, 50Hz, canopyCHF 23 000,002300kg7m³
GENERATOR, 200kVA prime, 220/380V diesel, 50Hz, canopyCHF 31 000,002400kg7m³
GENERATOR, 280kVA prime, 220/380V diesel, 50Hz, canopyCHF 35 000,002900kg11m³
GENERATOR, 340kVA prime, 220/380V diesel, 50Hz, canopyCHF 38 000,003500kg11m³
Dangerous : DGR-UN3528


General information

Standard generators for electrical power supply where the mains supply is not accessible/reliable. The same generators are available for 120/200V, 60hZ.

Different engines are presented, they are the recommended standards. Other brands can also be the preferred choice according to the regional availability, and standards already in place. Supply of spare parts and technical support for maintenance and repair are major issues in the long run.

The power of the standard engines is adapted for use at 150m ASL altitude and 30°C ambient. If the conditions of use are more severe (higher altitude and/or hotter temperature), specify on your order the altitude and the ambient temperature.

Technical knowledge required to calculate the total power needs and to choose the generator accordingly.

Fast calculation rule for fuel consumption: Above 6KVA consumption in L/h is 10% to 20% of the genset capacity in KVA.

A circuit change over switch (Main/Off/Generator) is included in the set to adapt the generator onto an existing circuit already supplied from the mains.

Noise reduction canopy is recommended in all cases. Different levels of noise reduction are available at different costs. Industrial type (standard) is not recommended in residential area. Above prices include standard noise reduction canopy.

Should always be supplied with a first maintenance set of 5 air filters, 10 fuel filters, 10 oil filters.


Diesel engine, 4 stroke, 4 or 6 cylinders, with turbo charger above 50kVA, direct injection, water cooled, 1500rpm, electric start.


Alternator, self regulated, self excited, 240/400V 3 phase, 10% overload capacity for 1.5hour. Insulation class H. Flanged coupled with engine.


Control panel. Mounted in the canopy. Accessible from outside. Includes:

Volt meter (3). Ampere meter (3). Frequency meter (1). Hour counter. Water temperature gauge. Oil pressure gauge, charge warning light. Starter key (+1spare key). Emergency stop push on switch. Junction box. Main/Off/Generator switch. Differential circuit breaker rated 300mA.


Automatic shut off for oil pressure failure, water temperature failure, charging failure.


Generator set mounted on skid with anti vibration mounts, with steel plate complete canopy. Forced ventilation. Fuel tank integrated in skid (180L on the 20kVA up to 600L on the 300kVA). Canopy and all equipment to be weather proof, with locking doors, painted in white. 2 lifting points. Earth connection.

Noise reduction:

Industrial (standard):

78db at 7m


Residential level 1:

63db at 7m


Residential level 2:

58db at 7m

Operator manual, repair manual, spare parts manual, for the alternator and the engine, in English. Earth rod with 4m cable. 10 oil filter elements. 10 fuel filter elements. 5 air filter elements.


Engineering      89

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