Peak flow meter, universal range

last updated : 2011/01/01
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PEAK FLOW METER, adult-children, universal range 60-800L/mn CH 26,00 0kg 0 Add

General information

The peak expiratory flow rate is the flow of air generated in the first 0.1 seconds of a forced expiration. It can be measured with a portable peak flow meter. The result is extrapolated over 1 minute and expressed in litres of expired air per minute.

- It is used to monitor asthma and to quantify the severity of a crisis, and can help to adjust treatment.

- A single value is of little relevance; multiple results for the same patients are required.


Hand-held device used to measure the air flow from the lungs in one "fast blast."

Suitable for adults and children.


Main body: impact-resistant ABS plastic


Cover and handle: high-density polypropylene


Scale: hot-stamped, alcohol-resistant


Shaped mouth piece: oval


Handle: folds out, keeps hand away from the air stream thus encourages use of the proper technique for accurate readings.

Performance data:


+/-10% or 10 litres/minute



ll ≤ 12% or 15 litres/minute



ll ≤ 5% or 10 litres/minute


Resistance to flow:

ll ≤ 0.35kPa/litres/second


Frequency response:

ll ≤ 12%  or 15 L/mn


Scale resolution:

10 litres/minute from 60-700 litres/minute



20 litres/minute from 700-800 litres/minute

Calibration data:

Measurement range:

60-800 litres/minute



10 litres/minute

Three zone asthma management:

Adjustable colour-coded indicator: green, yellow and red (on the scale side)


1 year


Delivered in a carry case.


Complies with EN 13826:2003: Peak expiratory flow meters or equivalent international.