Cardboard boxes

last updated : 2011/01/01
Code Description Ind. price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
CARTON BOX, 282x226x195 mm,2 cann.Fefco 0201,T34 BC CH 0,90 0,45kg 4L Add
CARTON BOX 490x340x290mm double corrugation, heavy duty CH 1,90 0,98kg 6L Add
CARTON BOX-Dims.ext. 480x300x433mm,2 handles,1fold,2 can.7mm CH 3,60 1,53kg 10L Add

General information

For general packing of all types of goods. Large quantities are used for individual or family parcels.

There are many varieties of carton available on the market, of varying quality regarding strength or water resistance.

The quality and the thickness of the cardboard, plus the quantity, type and height of the sheets and of the corrugations will determine the final strength of the box. Some different types of folding also may increase the strength (i.e. double vertical walls).

Water resistance is important to ensure the integrity of the box in wet conditions. Cartons are not suitable for use in prolonged wet conditions. There are different ways of protecting the carton from water, usually by impregnation of the external layer. Paraffin coated cartons are difficult to tape, as the paraffin will not permit the glue to adhere (strapping recommended).

The major constraints in the use of cartons are stacking on very high piles, and multiple handling from point of packaging to point of distribution. A good test consists in piling up loaded boxes 6 metres high on a pallet and observing the bottom box after 48 hours; it should not show any damage.

Usually the logo and texts are printed directly on the natural carton brown colour. A white coating will significantly increase the price of the box.

Dimensions of the cartons should take into consideration the size of a standard pallet, and the crossing possibilities when stacking. This will ensure safer loads, and efficient use of loading space in trucks and containers.